We Back Jack - Vote Tuesday

Tomorrow is Election Day...

It is important that Young Democrats turn out to support Jack Conway for Governor and our entire Democratic Ticket. This Tuesday, the voters of Kentucky will be choosing the next set of leaders who will define who we are as a state. We think the choice is clear. Jack Conway and our team stand for opportunity and progress. If you want a Kentucky where all Kentuckians have the opportunity to be healthy, to be educated, to be employed and to be included, then please vote for the Democratic Ticket.

Right now, the healthcare of some 500,000 Kentuckians is in peril. Matt Bevin, as Governor, would callously dismantle the Kynect Healthcare Exchange and roll back the Medicaid expansion that helps to provide our brothers and sisters with the coverage they need. A large portion of these half-million Kentuckians are young Kentuckians. We know they deserve a Governor who will fight for them.

The opportunity to be healthy sets one up for the opportunity to learn, to grow, to get a job, to take the chances they need to make their lives better. 

And the Democratic ticket is the only ticket this fall that recognizes that in order to Kentucky to move into a 21st Century economy, broadband expansion and the access to high speed internet should be a priority for our state.  Access to the internet is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity. Jack Conway and Sannie Overly are committed to making sure every Kentuckian, no matter if they live in cities like Louisville and Lexington or in rural West and East Kentucky, can access the resources available online. 

And, finally, we ask you to think of the role government should play in our communities. Our team believes that good government works to promote opportunity and fairness – a government that works for all Kentuckians. As State Auditor Adam Edelen has said – “We are a party of the people, for the people and by the people. Our opponents in this election belong to a party of the few, for the few, and not for you.”

Tuesday, November 3 is Election Day. This isn’t an election where we’d like your vote. This is an election where we NEED your vote.  There is a choice here between the mainstream and the extreme.  It’s our future at stake.  Let’s make sure we elect the team that’s looking out for us.

The Kentucky Young Democrats


Our Democratic Ticket

Jack Conway for Governor & Sannie Overly for Lt. Governor
Alison Lundergan Grimes for Secretary of State
Andy Beshear for Attorney General
Adam Edelen for State Auditor
Rick Nelson for State Treasurer
Jean-Marie Lawson Spann for Agriculture Commissioner



We asked some Young Dems to share with us why they back jack.  Here are some of the responses:

  • “I back Jack because he’s committed to ending Kentucky’s drug epidemic through both treatment and prevention.” Lauren Ingram, Louisville
  • “I back Jack because East Kentucky has to have a governor committed to #SOAR, Rural Broadband and #ekysolutions. Jack and Sannie are the only candidates with the ability, passion and commitment to finish what Gov. Beshear and Rep. Rogers have started.” Travis Scott, Johnson County
  • “I’m backing Jack because I know wholeheartedly he will continue the progress of the Commonwealth in these trying times. Strides in healthcare, economic development, and education will be eradicated if Jack Conway is not elected.” Thaddeus Walls, Southgate
  • “I back Jack because h has fought, and will fight, to protect Kentucky’s children from child abuse.” Laken Gilbert, Flemingsburg
  • “I back Jack because Jack believes in strengthening and improving education.  He knows how important it is to build a strong future by investing in Kentucky’s youth!” Lyndsey McGaha, Frankfort
  • “I back Jack Conway because he will fight to reduce the weight of crushing student loan debt for all young people.” Alex Caudill, Henderson
  • “I back Jack because he understands the importance of investing in education so workers have the skills they need to get hired. He will work to ensure that early childhood education prepares children for school, and will also work to make college affordable for all.” Ray Arnold, Richmond
  • “I back Jack because he puts people over politics. And when the other candidate is talking about yanking people’s insurance away, crippling our public school system, and forcing our teachers to take a risky gamble on their retirement, how can I not vote for Jack Conway?” Greg Welch, Nicholasville
  • “I back Jack Conway and Sannie Overly because they understand the importance of public education. Jack and Sannie will work to strengthen our economy by promoting a skilled workforce.” Sam Gentry, Harrodsburg
  • “I’m voting for Jack Conway because he stands up for working families like mine!” Clint Morris, Lexington