My Story, Your Story, Our Story

My Story

My story begins in 1965. My father, 17 years old, in hopes of supporting his young family, crossed the Ohio River to Evansville, Indiana and took a job working on the line in the Whirlpool factory.

It was a union job. And he worked hard there for 48 years. On his union wages he raised three sons, putting them through school, and made sure he was always able to provide. Growing up we often didn’t have everything we wanted and there were times during strikes or layoffs when things were tight – but we always had everything we needed.

I’m a Democrat because Democrats like Jack Conway fight for families like mine. Democratic policies ensure that workers can organize and fight for good wages and benefits and Democrats work to provide working families with opportunities like subsidized student loans and college grants. (Not to mention the investments in our public schools, our infrastructure and the services provided to our communities.)

Jack Conway and our Democratic candidates know that government can work to give all Kentuckians a fair shot at success.

The work my dad did for half a century was hard. But he came home each night, after a grueling day in a hot factory, knowing that his children would have greater opportunities than himself.

That’s what we are about – opportunity. We are not just the party for giving folks second chances. No, what sets us apart is that we are the party fighting for first chances!

I’m voting for Jack Conway this Election Day because I know he’ll do everything he can to make sure families like mine get a chance. And he’s committed to making sure more of those chances, like a good paying job, are available across our Commonwealth.

Please, join me in voting for Jack Conway and the entire Democratic Ticket on November 3.

Your Story

The most powerful tool we have in convincing people to vote for our candidates is our story. We want to hear your story. Why are you a Democrat? Why are you voting for Jack Conway? Share your story with us HERE so we can share it with others.

Our Story

This November, the next chapter of our story, as a community, will begin. What do you want it to say? Does the thought of a Matt Bevin Administration scare you as much as it scares us? It should. With just one election we could see the dismantling of Kynect (and the loss of healthcare for over 500,000 Kentuckians); large, damaging cuts to education, infrastructure and social services; the implementation of right-to-work (for less) legislation that will kill Kentucky jobs and wages and silence the voices of Kentucky workers; repressive women’s health policies; and legalized discrimination against LGBTQ and minority Kentuckians.

Young Democrats across the state are working every day to ensure this doesn’t happen.

But we need your help! Please join us, for our 2015 KYD Campaign Invasion in Lexington on Saturday, October 24. We will be meeting at the Fayette County Democratic Party HQ (431 S. Broadway) to hear a few words about why this election is important and then hitting the pavement to talk to voters and get out the vote!

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Sign up today by RSVP’ing on the KYD Campaign Invasion Facebook Event Page or by emailing KYD President Clint Morris at We hope to see you there!