Your Vote! Your Voice! GO VOTE!


Fellow Young Democrats, Today the people of the Commonwealth will pick a course into the future.  I believe that the choice is clear - Alison Lundergan Grimes and our Democratic candidates!  A 21st Century Kentucky deserves 21st Century leadership!  Mitch McConnell and the Republican ticket think the solutions to our problems are in the past.  Our Democratic ticket knows that we move Kentucky forward by providing access and opportunity for ALL KENTUCKIANS to live the lives they deserve.  Our symbol in Kentucky is the rooster, I believe, because we see the potential of each new day! Democrats know that raising the minimum wage will provide greater economic stability for thousands of Kentucky families and will lift many Kentucky children out of poverty. Democrats know that providing access to affordable healthcare and education will lay the foundation for a better Kentucky. Democrats know that equal pay for equal work isn't preferential treatment but a right for each Kentucky woman. A vote for the Democratic ticket is a vote for stronger communities and a brighter future for us all to share. Today, please, go to the polls.  Take your friends.  Take your family.  Too much is at stake to let the big money special interests shape Kentucky's tomorrow.  It's your Kentucky too! We can do this! With love, Clint Morris, KYD President ELECTION DAY DETAILS Polling Hours:  Across Kentucky, polls will be open from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM (both Eastern and Central times). Polling Locations:  To find your polling location, please visit the Kentucky State Board of Election's Voter Information Center. Be Informed:  The Secretary of State's Office has a list of Voter Rights & Responsibilities.  Check it out.  Be informed.