Today is Election Day

Today is Election Day.  We hope you will be joining Young Democrats across the state and casting your ballot for the Democratic Ticket!

Our team has the vision to move our Commonwealth forward on the path to a better Kentucky.

We Back Jack - Vote Tuesday

Tomorrow is Election Day...


KYD Campaign Invasion October 24, 10AM in Lexington

This election is going to be CLOSE.  Every door knocked will make a difference. The Republican Governor's Association is about to pour $1.6 Million onto the airwaves. We can't let their outside money buy this election! Not only is the Governor's Mansion up for grabs - so is the future of our Commonwealth!

2015 KYD Campaign Invasion

Saturday, October 24, will be the 2015 KYD Campaign Invasion in Lexington. We hope you will join fellow Young Democrats across Kentucky for this Day of Action! State Auditor, and former KYD President, Adam Edelen will be there in the morning to get things kicked off! You won’t want to miss that.


My Story, Your Story, Our Story

My Story

My story begins in 1965. My father, 17 years old, in hopes of supporting his young family, crossed the Ohio River to Evansville, Indiana and took a job working on the line in the Whirlpool factory.