Young Democratic Elected Officials

Ballard County

Jeremy Renfrow, Constable: District 2

Bath County

Ray Hunt, Constable: District 3

Bourbon County

Gordon Wilson, County Attorney

Breathitt County

Harvey J. Richardson, County Judge Executive

Ronnie Begley, Constable: District 2

Breckinridge County

Shane Beavin, Magistrate: District 2

Caldwell County

James Poindexter: Constable, District 2

Carlisle County

Heather Owens, PVA

Carroll County

Jamie Kinman, Sheriff

Nicholas Marsh, County Attorney

Carter County

Brad Brammell, Magistrate: District 1

Edmonson County

Kyle White, PVA

Elliot County

Brian Dillon, Magistrate: District 4

Fleming County

Travis McGlone, County Surveyor

John Sims, Magistrate: District 3

Floyd County

Gregory Nelson, Coroner

Fulton County

Matt Moss, Coroner

 Gallatin County

Josh Neale, Sheriff

Graves County

Jesse Perry, Commissioner: District 1

Green County

Misty Edwards, Judge Executive

Harrison County

Kevin Perkins, Constable: District 7

Hart County

Brandon Cobb, Magistrate: District 5

Henry County

Nick Hawkins, Magistrate: District 4

David Robinson, Constable: District 2

Ryan Hawkins, Constable: District 3

Brandon Cobb, Constable: District 4

Hickman County

Chad Frizzell, Jailer

David Cox, Constable: District 3


Bryan Mathews, County Judge/Executive

David Yates, Metro Council: District 25

David Whitlock, Constable: District 3


Nicholas Adams, Pippa Passes City Council


B. Jamie Hatton, County Attorney

Ben Fields, Constable, District 1


Sonya Williams, County Clerk

Benjamin Guill, Jailer

Andrew Fox, Coroner

Logan County

Joe Ross, County Attorney

Lyon County

Brandon Knoth, County Attorney

Madison County

Billy Ackerman, PVA

Marion County

Terry “Catfish” Rakes, PVA

Marshall County

Will Coursey, State Representative

Tony Henson, PVA

Stacey Brewer, Hardin City Council

Meade County

Jessica Roberts, County Attorney

Chris Cottrell (former KYD Regional Director), Magistrate: District 1

Jason Fore, Constable: District 4

James Perguson, Constable: District 5

Menifee County

Joshua Brown, Magistrate: District C

Montgomery County

Vonley Haney, Constable: District 5

Donny Pennington, Constable: District 5

Morgan County

Jon Brown, Magistrate: District 2

Frankie Spencer, Magistrate: District 4

Jarred Murphy, Constable: District 4

Owen County

Josh Smith, County Attorney

Robert Ellis, Magistrate: District 2

John Wilson, Constable: District 1

Pike County

James Damron, Constable: District 2

Powell County

Hondo Hearne, Coroner

Travis Crabtree, Jailer

John Barker, Magistrate: District 4

Todd County

Perry Stokes, PVA

Jonathan Stahl, Constable, District 3

Chad Johnson, Constable: District 5

Union County

Clay Wells, PVA

Washington County

Fran Carrico, PVA

Wayne County

Greg Rankin, Judge Executive

Jeffrey Dishman, Magistrate: District 2

Wolfe County

Michael Dunn, Constable: District 1

Will Terrill, Constable District 2



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  • 1. Kelvin R. Fugate  |  03/20/2015 at 12:35 am

    In Breathitt County, the new young democarts leadership is as follows, Gary Salyers, President, Tony Fugate, Vice President, Kelvin R. Fugate, Secretary, James E. Turner, Treasurer, Clifton Hudson, Representative. As of March 20, 2015
    Sincerely, Kelvin R. Fugate, Breathitt Young Democrats Secretary
    (606) 568-0738

  • 2. Kelvin R. Fugate  |  03/20/2015 at 12:39 am

    Breathitt County Elected officials: Gary Salyers-County Attorney, Tony Fugate-County Conservation Supervisor, Kelvin R. Fugate-County Conservation Supervisor, James E. Turner-Circuit Court Clerk, Clifton Hudson-County Conservation Supervisor.

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