2014 KYD Awards

If you are interested in nominating an individual for YD of the Year or KYD Alumni of the Year, or a chapter for Chapter of the Year, College Chapter of the Year, or High School Chapter of the Year, please send your nomination to KYD National Committeewoman, Lauren Ingram Lauren@KyYoungDems.com.

Please include your full name, the full name of the chapter individual, contact information, and reasons you think the person or group is deserving of the award. Submissions are due by January 10, 2014.

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Information for Chapter Leaders for 2014 KYD Convention

Charter Applications:  Please remember that your chapter charter application is due to the Credentials Committee byJanuary 2, 2014.  Submit your charter applications online here.  For more information, contact Convention Credentials Committee Chair, Colene Elridge, at KYDChartering@gmail.com
Amendments to the KYD Charter & Bylaws:  Any proposed changes to the KYD Charter & Bylaws should be submitted to Convention Rules Committee Chair Travis Scott, travis.mc.scott@gmail.com, by January 2.  This will also the Rules Chair enough time to organize and submit the proposed amendments to chapters for review prior to convention.   
Convention Resolutions:  Is there an amazing YD Alumni in your area you think we should honor?  Or a position you would like to see our convention support or adopt?  Please submit any proposed Resolutions to Convention Resolutions Committee Chair Sierra Enlow, sierra.enlow@gmail.com, by January24. 

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2014 Officer Form for KYD

Are you interested in running for office at the 2014 KYD Convention in Covington on February 1-2? Click here for the form that must be filled out and returned to by January 2, 2014. 

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KYD Convention 2014

KYD Convention 2014

Register now! https://secure.actblue.com/page/kyd2014

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December 7 – GOTV!

Did you know we have TWO special elections coming up on Tuesday, December 10? The KYDs have a GOTV day on Saturday, December 7 to help out both Kim Humphrey, candidate for State House District 7, and Reggie Thomas, candidate for State Senate District 13.
Both canvasses will begin at 10:00 am and end at 2:00 pm. KYDs will provide a small breakfast before and lunch after.
To help with Reggie’s campaign, please meet at Fayette County Headquarters at 431 S. Broadway in Lexington, KY.  RSVP on Facebook here.
To help with Kim Humphrey’s campaign, please meet at 920 Frederica in Owensboro, KY. RSVP on Facebook here.
We hope you can make it. It is so important to keep these seats in the hand of Democrats as we go into 2014! Please email me if you have any questions.

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Reminder: Emerge Scholarship Applications Due November 10

Dear Liz,

Remember that the deadline to apply for Emerge Kentucky, a political leadsership training program for Democratic women in the state, is November 10th.  If you are interested in running for office, this an opportunity you should not miss!  To apply to the program, please visit the Emerge website.

Two partial scholarships will be awarded to KYDs who are accepted into the Emerge Kentucky program. To have a chance at one of the partial scholarships, please send your resume to andrea@kyyoungdems.com byNovember 10th.  Once applications have been accepted by the Emerge Kentucky program, scholarship applications will be reviewed and interviews will be conducted.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Liles Taylor
Vice President of Programming

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Leukemia survivor: Health insurance is essential for all

Kentucky Young Democrat Travis Scott penned the op-ed below for the Courier-Journal this week.


This week, my senator, Mitch McConnell, and Republicans in Congress recklessly held our economy hostage because of a law that has been invaluable to me. Risking the economy for their political games is not amusing to Americans who reap the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

In 2008, my Fourth of July weekend did not begin like I expected. I hoped I would gather with my friends and family in Johnson County. Instead, I spent most of July 4 in an emergency room with a large piece of steak lodged in my esophagus. Thankfully, an endoscopic procedure was able to remove it.

A few weeks later my eyes lit up brighter than the fireworks when I saw the bill from the hospital: My insurance carrier deemed that removing the piece of steak was not covered under my policy because of a “pre-existing condition.”

This is a term I had grown familiar with over the years — as a 28-year survivor of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, I had discovered that, despite having been in remission with no relapses since 1985, I am still considered by insurers to be “high risk.”

After talking with my company’s insurance agent, and several people at my insurance provider, the procedure was eventually covered, but I was still stricken that, after 27 years of remission, I was still having to navigate red tape for the simplest procedures.

The term “pre-existing condition” was an albatross around my neck. It meant I couldn’t afford to start my own business, I couldn’t afford to lose my job — I couldn’t take any risk in life that would result in a gap in my coverage.

My options, both in life and in a career, would always be hindered by that God-forsaken term “pre-existing condition.”

And this was not a burden limited to me.

While I was forced to wade through oceans of red tape, the denial of coverage has cost many other Americans their financial security, health, and in some cases, their lives. There was a whole class out there of us: men, women, and children, all whose health was deemed expendable because we had been sick once in our lives.

To think that some in Congress want to hold our health hostage for political gain is sickening.

We live in a country that has been blessed more than most.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence, our Creator endows us with rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

For too long, too many of my fellow Americans have been denied those rights because we were considered “high risk,” and some in Congress recklessly continue in their attempts to deny us those rights.

This is just one of many benefits of the Affordable Care Act, and I’m urging people all across the country to enroll in the health exchanges that opened last week so they won’t be denied coverage like I have been.

Health insurance is essential for all.

Travis Scott is a sales executive and 28-year survivor of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A regional director for Young Democrats of Kentucky, he resides in Johnson County.

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