Volunteer at YDA 2011

Dear fellow Democrats,

As I am sure you ALL know, we, as a wonderful Commonwealth, have been selected to host the National YDA Convention in 2011. It's an honor, as well as a privilege, and I can't wait to turn on our lights and shine for the YDs of America! I have no doubt in my mind that we will leave a lasting, warm, wonderful impression on everyone who attends.

As the Volunteer Coordinator for the convention, I need your help.  We will need help staffing speaking events, entertainment venues, registration, information booth shifts, directions about town...even a few folks to help us run last-minute errands during the events. Volunteer work will not go unnoticed, and will not go without perks, don't worry!  We'll have incentives available for all those who pitch in.  Click here to sign up to volunteer.

As an individual, as an Executive Committee, or as an entire YD group, I urge all of you to sign up and join in on what will surely be one of KYD's proudest moments.  Even just a few hours of help will make an enormous difference.  And, you don't have to be a young Democrat to take part - anyone who can volunteer will be welcomed and appreciated!

I look forward to helping all of you with any questions you may have, and to organizing a group that will surely show off the very best of the outstanding hospitality that Kentucky has to offer! Please contact me however you choose, phone, text or email!  Don't forget to sign up here.

Looking forward,

Katie Mueller
YDA 2011 Volunteer Coordinator