$60,000 a day

Surely State Senator Williams must be in dire financial straits - he's done all he can to make sure there is was a special overtime session. For the fourth time since he’s become Senate President, he has failed to do his job, and has forced the General Assembly to go into a $60,000 per day special session. 

$60,000 a day.  Your tax dollars.

Is his current salary not paying his bills? Does he need the overtime pay to make sure his big screen TV and new office furniture are paid for? Why, for the fourth time, under three different Governors and two different House Speakers, do we have to pay State Senator Williams overtime?  If any other Kentuckian weren't doing his job, he'd be fired.

Instead - he's running to be your next Governor.  Why we'd give him another job when he can't do this one is beyond me.

State Senator David Williams won't listen to anyone.  Members of his own party in the House have objected to his plans to slash huge cuts in everything from Education funding to Meals on Wheels. The House Democrats, House Republicans and Senate Democrats have all agreed to Governor Beshear’s reasonable Medicaid budget fix, but State Senator Williams has disagreed, so much that he hightailed it back to Burkesville.

A budget this extreme cannot be a legitimate legislative goal. No reasonable legislator could propose such drastic and extreme cuts and mean it. The only thing I can figure is that State Senator Williams must need the overtime pay. Because of this, the citizens of the Commonwealth are paying him overtime, again.

State Senator, if you need help, let us know. We Kentuckians are good people, and, apparently unlike you, are always willing to help our neighbors if they’re in a jam, and we can probably find a cheaper way to do it than $60,000 per day.

- Travis Scott
Vice-President of Recruitment and Expansion
Kentucky Young Democrats