Momentum Shift

Good afternoon,

This is it.  All signs point to a panic in the GOP camp as we Democrats move with resolve toward Election Day.  The momentum has shifted.  Despite an unprecedented onslaught of fact-free attack ads funded by the likes of Karl Rove’s unlimited billionaire donors, Jack Conway and the rest of the Democratic slate continue to climb and pull away in the polls.

What the Texas Twosome, Karl Rove and Rand Paul, don’t understand is that they are underestimating the intelligence of us Kentuckians.  They think they can stroll into our state and play us.  They think they can buy an election and infect the United State Senate with a radical anarchist ideology that allows the most powerful to have unquestioned control and, even worse, leaves the most vulnerable among us in the shadows of society.

From the lack of peaceful sleep in the eyes of Dr* Paul at Monday’s debate on Northern Kentucky University’s campus, it appears that he and his cronies are finding that Kentuckians are rejecting their politics of fear and anger.

You see, we Kentuckians are a wily bunch.  If given all the information, we have a down-home common sense that allows us to see past their deceptions and misinformation schemes, and make responsible choices that put Kentucky first.  Real recognizes real.  Kentuckians trust that from Jack Conway to John Yarmuth, from Ben Chandler to John Waltz, from Rex Smith to Lee Murphy and beyond, we have a slate of Democratic candidates who look upon an elected office as a public trustand are dedicated to effective and responsible governing.

We have to get our neighbors the information, though.

And, that’s where we come in.  As Young Democrats, we can counter the big Texas oil money by making the effort to volunteer a few of our hours to call our neighbors or visit them at their house. Your neighbors will see your dedication and sincerity, and they will go to the polls on Tuesday, November 2nd to ensure that our nation continues the steep climb out of the ditch created by eight years of Republican control.

If you are unsure of how to get started, there are two ways to make a difference.

Click here for a list of Kentucky First regional offices.  Find the office near you and work out a time for you and some friends to volunteer with neighborhood walks or to contact fellow voters by phone.  It’s that easy.

If you have a Young Dems chapter in your county or on your campus, click here to find the Kentucky Young Democrat Director in your region to share what your chapter is doing or to find ways to get started making a difference in our collective future.  As an added bonus, the region with the most productive chapters will be treated to an exclusive event at next year’s KYD State Convention in Elizabethtown.

We have 3 weeks.  The attack ads are only going to get more vicious and more frequent.  Now is the time for everyone to give a little of themselves for the betterment of us all. Start now by forwarding this email and these links to your friends.  Follow that up by coordinating with a Kentucky First office in your area for a time to volunteer or by contacting the KYD Director in your region.

The momentum has shifted.  Let’s turn up the pressure and put this game away.


Fired up,