Good news 42 days out!

A couple days ago, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post wrote about how Democratic organizations have pulled in much more money in the past quarter than their Republican counterparts.  The DNC raised $10.9 million while the RNC raised $7.9 million and the DCCC raised $8.3 million while the RNCC raised only $6.6 million.

This is great news - Democrats and progressives across the country are opening up their wallets to support the Democratic Congress and the policies they've helped pass for the American people.

And, while money is great - it can only do so much.  The Democratic Party need volunteers to knock on doors and make phone calls to reinforce the message.  Have you signed up to volunteer with the Kentucky First campaign? This coordinated campaign program will match you up with the office in your area so you can make a difference in the important 2010 campaigns!  Visit to sign up!

To read Cillizza's article, go here: