Kentucky Media Catches On: Conway Competition is "Clueless" and "Ignorant"

The pundits and media in Kentucky are catching on - the Aqua Buddha-worshipping candidate for Kentucky's U.S. Senate candidate has shown his true colors.  Al Cross, in the Courier-Journal, writes that while a Senator, especially in a state like Kentucky, needs to stand up for his or her constituency, but regarding Rand Paul, "At times he seems ignorant of those interests."
The Lexington Herald-Leader's Larry Dale Keeling writes that the Senate contender "doesn't know diddly about the state."  He even cites recent evidence that Paul isn't taking the fight against drugs in Eastern Kentucky seriously - suggesting that he is "totally clueless" and even a "clown."

These thoughts don't come from just the media either - Jack Conway was just endorsed by the Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police.   As state FOP Chair, Mike "Spike" Jones, put it:  "Rand Paul doesn't understand crime, doesn't understand law enforcement, and doesn't understand Kentucky."

Is this the man we want representing our dear Commonwealth on the national stage?

No.  We want Attorney General Jack Conway, a civil leader with a record of fighting crime and corruption, to represent Kentucky in the U.S. Senate.

We can't wait - the election is less than 80 days away.  Start doing your part today.  Sign up here to volunteer for Jack Conway.