Best Picnic of the Year... Fancy Farm 2010!

August is the beginning of the political season in Kentucky, and no election season could begin without a visit to Fancy Farm in Graves County. On the first Friday and Saturday of August, good Democrats from around the state swarm to Fancy Farm to eat barbecue, support the local Democratic clubs and rally for our statewide Democratic candidates.

The Young Democrats always make a lasting impression, and why should this year be any different?

If you are interested in joining the Kentucky Young Democrats delegation at this year's Fancy Farm picnic, register here by August 1st. For just $40, you will receive overnight lodging (Friday and Saturday), tickets to the Marshall County Bean Supper, the Graves County Breakfast, and a limited edition KYD T-shirt.

Transportation assistance and coordination can be provided if needed. To arrange transportation, please contact Andrea Ewen at by August 1st.

This year's schedule includes:

Friday, August 6th:

Labor Luncheon 11:30 am CST, Paducah, KY
Mike Cherry's Garden Party 2:30 pm CST, Princeton, KY
Marshall County Bean Supper 6:30-7pm CST

Saturday, August 7th:

Graves County Breakfast 9 a.m. CST
Fancy Farm Picnic noon CST-4 pm CST

Does your county or campus have a young professional or college Young Democrats chapter? If not, contact Travis Scott at to get one started.