Conway and Rand Are Neck and Neck in US Senate Race


In the long haul to November, Jack Conway and Rand Paul are neck and neck, as revealed by the recent Public Policy Polling results. The PPP revealed that Conway and Rand are both tied at 43%.

Rand Paul lost his lead after he made statements against the Civil Rights Act, against the Americans with Disabilities Act, against the Department of Education, and against holding BP responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, among others. Due to Rand's national media attention regarding these issues, 38% of voters said that it has made them less likely to vote for him, whereas 29% say that it improved their opinion.

Conway and Paul recently spoke at the joint session of the Kentucky County Judge Executives and Kentucky Municipal Clerks Association -- the first time they've spoken together since the primary. Both are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Fancy Farm Picnic on Saturday, August 7th.

As we move closer to November, it's up to us to take action to ensure that Jack gets elected. To help out, please visit Jack's website to sign up to volunteer! You can also help by encouraging friends and family to contribute and by signing up to volunteer on our website.

UPDATE: Watch the recent debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway here.