Students for Jack Conway

Below is a message from Alexander Thomson, organizer of the Facebook group, Students for Jack Conway.

"This November, Kentucky faces a critical election. With Jim Bunning retiring from the Senate, Jack Conway has a rare chance to break the Republican stranglehold on Kentucky's Senate seats. However, he faces a strong challenge from Rand Paul, a reactionary conservative whose ideology is archaic and dangerous. Conway and Paul are running neck and neck and every vote will count--students, as a group, may be the critical voters who swing the election in Conway's favor. Unfortunately, students are also the least likely voters to show up on election day. Please consider joining 'Students for Jack Conway,' a new Facebook group dedicated to organizing and motivating Kentucky students to vote for Jack Conway this November. We must show our strength in numbers, or apathy will allow the Tea Party to have real influence on our country."

To join, click here.