Rand Paul: Wrong for Kentucky

Less than 72 hours ago, Kentucky chose Attorney General Jack Conway as our U.S. Senate candidate.  I am so glad we had a strong field to choose from, and I am sure we are stronger for it.  Conway is a smart and dedicated man, who will continue to fight for Kentucky families after he wins in November.

And less than 48 hours ago, Republican nominee Rand Paul announced his opposition to legislation helping those who most need it.  What Rand Paul doesn't understand is that Kentucky doesn't tolerate intolerance.

Here in Kentucky, we had the first Human Rights Commission south of the Mason Dixon line.  We have been working towards justice and equality since then. Rand Paul's extremist positions have no place anywhere - especially here.  For a man who professes to be a defender of the constitution, he certainly doesn't live by the promise of its principles.

Today, our work begins.  Today, we are a unified front going into the November battle, committed and ready to win.  We are committed to a vision of hope, instead of a vision of fear. We are all committed to a better Kentucky, a more perfect Union, and a more sustainable world.

Can you donate $25 or $50 today to help the Kentucky Young Democrats fight the intolerance of Rand Paul?

This is the year we help Jack Conway take back Wendell Ford's Senate seat, to bring back national respect for Kentucky, and to fix what's wrong in Washington.  This is a fight for the future of our Commonwealth and our country.

Together, we can work towards a brighter future, a more just world, and more opportunities for all Kentuckians.  Your donation of $25 or $50 will make a big difference in this fight.