Young Democrats in the Primary

Please read these short essays from Young Democrats across the Commonwealth explaining which candidate they will vote for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 18,  in the Democratic primary and why.   Don't forget to vote and make your voice heard between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm!

Dr. James Buckmaster

"I am voting for Dr. James Buckmaster.  Not only does Dr. Buckmaster's positions appeal to my own, but I feel confident in trusting him to remain in these positions and not waver under pressure.  He has lived his life according to what he believes for many years and I find that to be something lacking in politicians nowadays.  Our country was founded by determined men grouped together under moral principles to give future generations a better lifestyle.  Too many people don't realize that we need to continue this fight, and in order to do so, we need similar men.  After looking at all the candidates, I feel Dr. Buckmaster is the best by far whom I can trust and who will continue to lead our nation as the beautiful country it is."

Sara Federico, Corydon, KY

Attorney General Jack Conway
Fellow Young Democrats,

Jack Conway has the integrity, dedication, and proven record of service to effectively represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in Washington. Once a Young Democrat himself, Jack recognizes the enormous talent of younger generations and values the important contributions we make to Kentucky politics. Jack goes out of his way to involve young people in his campaign and personally expresses his gratitude for the dedication of his supporters. He also understands that his campaign is about more than just himself – it’s about improving the lives of fellow Kentuckians and leading our nation in the right direction. Jack is personally committed to the welfare of Kentucky families, which he has proven through his accomplished record of service as Attorney General.

In a recent straw poll at the Kentucky Young Democrats State Convention, Jack was chosen as the best Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate by an overwhelming 58% of attendees. Not only is Jack the candidate of choice for many Young Democrats, but he has also gained state-wide support from respected party leaders, such as Crit Luallen, Greg Stumbo, Ben Chandler, and Wendell Ford. I am voting for Jack because of his excellence in leadership, impressive devotion to public service, and powerful ability to fight for our interests in Washington. With a clear vision and bold ideas for the future, Jack represents a new generation of leadership and I strongly encourage you to support him as our Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.


Abby Woehrle, student at Centre College

Darlene Price-Fitzgerald

This will be the first year I get to cast a vote in an election. I take this very seriously, and don't make judgments based upon who is ahead and who is behind in the polls, or who has the most advertising. Furthermore, I've always been the supporter or the “underdog” in elections: I worked for Dennis Kucinich's campaign for President in 2008 as well as Jim Holbert's campaign for Congress in the 5th district, in both 2008 and 2010. This election cycle, I am (again) supporting the underdog by voting for Darlene Price for United States Senate.
Her relevant experiences fighting government corruption makes me believe she will be a strong advocate for open, honest and accountable government. I believe she has what it takes to be an effective legislator, and a firm voice for the people who elected her. After having numerous discussions with her, it is my opinion that Darlene Price is the most Progressive, honest, and dependable person that Democrats could choose to be our nominee on May 18th, and I strongly encourage my fellow Young Democrats to give her a chance as they go to the polls.
Halyn Roth; President, Pulaski County Young Democrats

Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo

My name is Alexandria Sisco from Pike County and I am voting for Dr. Daniel Mongiardo because of his consistent record on the issues. As a native of Eastern Kentucky, Dr. Dan supports the use of Kentucky coal as an integral part of the battle for energy independence. Not only will the use of coal promote Kentucky on the national stage but will also boost Kentucky’s economy and create jobs across the Commonwealth. Secondly, Dr. Dan is extremely passionate about the issue of health care reform and intends to work toward a plan that is best for all Americans. As Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Dan traveled to Hazard two days each week to treat patients which shows his commitment to this very important issue as well as his compassion for the citizens of this Commonwealth. It goes without saying that Dr. Dan’s career experience as a physician makes him more qualified to deliver a clear, concise solution to the ongoing health care debate than most of present legislators. I encourage you, citizens of our great Commonwealth, to vote tomorrow for Dr. Daniel Mongiardo, our next United States Senator.

Maurice Sweeney

Dear Voter and KYD Members,

I support Maurice Sweeney because of his record of service, commitment, and his enthusiasm to better the lives of others. Maurice Sweeney has a towering amount of service whether it be working with the Red Cross, the NAACP, or simply working on a Kentucky farm.  Maurice’s record of service shows me that he is utterly involved with the community, and is capable of building a better Kentucky. I also support Maurice Sweeney because of his commitment to deliver the truth, despite the disappointment of past politicians I can clearly say that he is going to be honest and run a clean campaign. Judging by his record of service and honesty, apparently he takes interest in taking care of crucial issues.  The way he plans to strengthen jobs is something I absolutely stand for.  Rebuilding schools and investing in colleges is something that will lead in to the production of more access to the working field.  After more jobs are accessible in the community, the economy becomes stronger, which is also a good point that he addresses. Maurice has been a great leader and servant to his community, and I expect to see more of his great works in the future.


Robert Onyejiaka, student at Western Kentucky University