Major announcement from KYD's Colmon Elridge

colmon-elridgeMy Fellow KYDs -

It is with great humility and profound gratitude that I am writing to share with you the announcement of my candidacy for a Vice Presidency of Young Democrats of America. In this moment, young Democrats have much to be proud of, but we also have much work still before us. I am ready to roll up my sleeves with you, build on our accomplishments, and help lead YDA forward into its very bright future.

Barack Obama taught us all that change is never more powerful than when it is powered by people like you and I - from the ground up. In helping to build the largest Young Democrats chapter in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and rebuild the Kentucky Young Democrats, I understand the importance of strong state and local chapters. YDA will be the organization it should be only if our state and local chapters are built for long-term success. I look forward to traveling across our nation and working with you to strengthen your chapter, and grow our grassroots.

We must embrace that elections are not an ending, but instead only a beginning. Once our chosen candidates have won, our work is not nearly finished. We must push them each and every day for what we believe in and hold them accountable to us. We do this by generating the same effort in policy that we have proven we can put forth in politics and elections. I have and will always reject the notion that we are the leaders of tomorrow. We are leading today across the Commonwealth and I consider myself truly blessed to take the banner of Kentucky forward onto YDA.

I am honored to join the YDA Works team of candidates led by Crystal Strait. Our team offers a vision for YDA that moves us forward towards what we can and should be - the preeminent youth political organization in America. This team values hard work, dedication, and public service. We are ready to work with you to make the change we know is possible.

We have done a great deal in Kentucky to be proud of and I cannot tell you how proud I am to be a Kentuckian to and be a Kentucky Young Democrat. It is my honor to serve as your National Committeeman and it will be my continued honor to serve as your National Vice President. I hope to earn your support in this endeavor.

Let's get to the business of changing America!

Always -

Colmon Elridge
KYD National Committeeman