Today is Election Day

Today is Election Day.  We hope you will be joining Young Democrats across the state and casting your ballot for the Democratic Ticket!

Our team has the vision to move our Commonwealth forward on the path to a better Kentucky.

  • Do you believe every Kentuckian should have access to affordable healthcare? Vote Democratic.
  • Do you believe each Kentucky student deserves access to a quality, well funded, public education? Vote Democratic.
  • Do you believe all Kentuckians should have access to broadband and high speed internet, regardless of where they live in the state? Vote Democratic.
  • Do you believe Kentucky's workers deserve a living wage and the right to collective bargaining? Vote Democratic.
  • Do you believe Kentucky's women should make equal pay for equal work? Vote Democratic.

If you belive that opportunity and fairness are Kentucky values and we should have a governnent that works to better the lives of all Kentuckians, then the choice for you is clear...


  • Jack Conway for Governor & Sannie Overly for Lt. Governor
  • Alison Lundergan Grimes for Secretary of State
  • Andy Beshear for Attorney General
  • Adam Edelen for State Audtior
  • Rick Nelson for Treasurer
  • Jean-Marie Lawson Spann for Agriculture Commissioner

Polling Information

Polls open at 6:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM.  (If you are IN LINE by 6:00 PM you should be able to vote.)

You can find your polling location by visiting the Polling Place Locator.  Or contact your County Clerk.