Chartering in 2013

Chapter Presidents,

As you know, the Kentucky Young Democrats are preparing for the 2013 KYD State Convention! We are excited that the Fayette County Young Democrats will be hosting our convention on March 2, 2013. Below is a description of the chapterchartering process and we hope this will answer any questions you may have regarding your charter application.

The Executive Committee recognizes that as we continue to grow in prominence both with YDA and within the Democratic Party here in the Commonwealth, we should practice due diligence in following the rules and processes that govern our organization. The Executive Committee believes that this process, much like the process followed by YDA, helps to legitimize our organization and our state and local leadership. Last year’s credentialing and chartering process went rather smoothly, but the State Board has reviewed feedback and has continued with our effort to make the chartering process as user friendly as possible. We hope over the next month, while compiling your chartering application, you will find this to be the case.

The information gleaned from the chartering applications will give the KYD leadership team a better picture of our organization. This will assist KYD in our direct issue advocacy campaigns, disseminating important information to our members and chapter leaders, promoting ourselves as not only a political organization but a community oriented organization, and will make the bi-annual national chartering process both less complicated and more thorough.

It is important to note: any chapter wishing to participate in voting at the state convention MUST complete a chartering packet. Vote allocation is determined by the chartering process. No attendees will be allowed to cast votes at the state convention unless they belong to a chartered unit of the Kentucky Young Democrats.

Additionally: pursuant to KY Bylaw 108(d), any chapter granted an interim charter in 2012 will be ineligible for an interimcharter in 2013. Therefore, if these chapters wish to continue their association with the Kentucky Young Democrat this next administrative year, they must complete this chartering process, even if the chapter does not plan to attend the 2013 state convention.


I.               PROCESS.

The KYD Charter & Bylaws requires all chapter chartering packets to be submitted to KYD no later than thirty days prior to the state convention. This year, packets will be due, to the address printed on the packet, by January 31, 2013. Late packets will be accepted, but will suffer vote penalties as prescribed in the KYD Charter & Bylaws.

The packets will be opened and the content examined on Saturday February 2. Any information missing from the Required Items (Chapter Officer List, Governing Documents, Certification of County Party EC Member, the Membership List or the Chapter President Certification) will also accrue vote penalties for state convention. However, incomplete or non-submission of the Optional items (Campaigns, Grassroots, Rapid Response, Community

Service or Fundraising forms) WILL NOT accrue penalties. These items simply provide your chapter with a chance to gain additional votes.

After packets are reviewed, chapters eligible for additional recruitment votes will be contacted by the Credentials Committee for any needed verification (which, if the chapter decides to pursue these additional recruitment votes, will be due prior to the meeting of the committee at state convention).

Packets received without the $50.00 chartering fee will not be considered complete until the fee is received and will be subject to late submission penalties.

Once the packets are reviewed, vote allocations will be calculated. Vote allocation is determined by chapter membership (as prescribed in KYD Charter Section 303(a)) and submission of additional information in thechartering application. You will receive a summary on Sunday, February 3, via email, detailing your chapter’s initial vote allocation. At this time you will also be informed of any penalties you may have accrued and will be given until February 15 to submit corrections to your packet. If these corrections are accepted, penalties will be waived and you will be notified of your vote allocation total. This grace period and correction process DOES NOT APPLY to late submission penalties (which are 5% if received after deadline but before opening and 3% per day late if received after opening date). Late penalties will be assessed if any required documents are not submitted. During the grace period, chapters can resubmitted any option documents the Credentials Chair rejects in the initial review in order to secure those additional votes. However, no new optional documents submissions will be accepted after the initial chartering application is received.

Chartering Packets can be submitted until the close of the Credentials Committee Meeting at state convention, but will be subject to all late submission penalties, etc.

Chapters that wish to challenge penalties may do so at the Credentials Committee Meeting(s) at the state convention. Each chartering unit may (and should) have one representative to participate and vote on this committee. Each participating chapter will receive one vote on the committee.

Additionally, attached to this email is the list of mileage vote ratios for the various counties of the Commonwealth. These ratios are determined by the Charter & Bylaws according to the distance between the county seat of thechartering unit and the location of the convention. This ratio will help determine the minimum number of delegates needed for a chapter to cast its full allotment of votes at the state convention. For example: the county seat of County A is 210 miles from Fayette County. Therefore, the county will receive a 20:1 vote ratio. County A is allocated 40 votes. To cast all 40 votes County A will need at least 2 registered delegates. If County A has 8 registered delegates, and has listed all 8 as voting delegates at the credentials committee meeting, then each delegate may cast 5 votes. How the chapter divides its votes is up to it - so long as it has properly informed the credentials committee prior to the convening of the state convention. (An email will go out one week prior asking for Presidents to submit the names of delegates.) No delegate will be able to cast more than the mileage vote ratio.

It should also be noted that according to Section 305 of the KYD Charter the maximum number of votes allocated to a chapter cannot exceed one-half the number of members listed in the chapter’s chartering packet. Voting delegates must also be included in this list.

Additionally, chapters will be required to submit payment of $1 per vote intended to be cast by the close of the Credentials Committee. So, if County A intends (or is able) to cast 20 of its 40 votes, $20 must be submitted to KYD prior to balloting.


In the packet you will find a chartering checklist which will guide you in the process. (The chartering packet is also attached to this email.)

The items included in the packet are pretty straight forward – and we have compiled some forms to make the process as easy as possible. But, let’s go through the checklist, item by item, so you can have a clear understanding of what is expected. Remember, numbers 1 through 7 are required for chartering. Participation Vote forms (numbers 8 through 12) are optional and can help increase a chapter’s vote allocation (but not beyond the maximum set per Section 305 of the KYD Charter). NOTE: since these forms are optional, though chapters will receive no additional votes for an incomplete or rejected forms no penalties be applied to your vote allocation total.


1.     Chartering Packet Cover Page. Here you will identify your chapter, mark the chartering check list and find the address for submission.

2.     Governing Documents. Please attach to your chartering packet a copy of your chapter’s governing document (either a hard copy or an electronic copy on disc of thumb drive).

3.     Chapter Officers Form. Please complete this form with the information of your chapter officers. Copy and attach additional forms if needed. NOTE: Chapter Officers must have been elected since the last state convention.

4.     Membership List. Please attach to your chartering packet of copy of your chapter's membership list. This list should include the name, email and birth date of each member. You can attach either a hard copy or include an electronic copy with your packet.

5.     Certification of County Party Executive Committee Member Form. Please have a member of your County Party Executive Committee complete this certification.

6.     Chapter President Certification Form. Chapter Presidents must complete this certification – acknowledging the accuracy of the chartering packet and the fees associated with chartering and voting.

7.     Chartering Fee. Please include a check for $50, the chartering fee, with this packet. Packets received without the chartering fee will be considered late and penalties will apply. Checks should be made out to the Kentucky Young Democrats.


8.     Campaign Activity Verification Forms. A chapter can receive 5 additional votes for submitting two Campaign Activity Verifications. The certification must indicate activity in the most recent election cycle.

9.     Grassroots Activity Verification Form. A chapter can receive 5 additional votes for submitting the Grassroots Activity Verification Form. The certification must indicate activity within the last calendar year. The term “grassroots” is not defined, and may or may not be party affiliated. Some examples: petition campaigns, issue oriented campaigns (promoting or opposing local ordinances, lobbying the state legislature, etc). If you feel the need to include a description of why the activity qualifies, please feel free to do so.

10.  Rapid Response Plan & Coordinators Form. A chapter can receive 5 votes for designating a Rapid Response Coordinator. Your chapter can also receive an additional 0.5votesforsubmittingwiththispacketaRapidResponsePlan. The charter requires that this plan be certified by a KYD member of the National Committee and EC has decided that the attachment of this plan with the chartering packet will serve as that certification that it has been received. There are no requirements for what this plan should include.

11.  Community Service Activity Verification Form. A chapter can receive 5 additional votes for submitting verification of community service from the last calendar year. This should be service that your chapter, not simply individuals from your chapter, has officially participated in.

12.  Fundraising Activities Form. A chapter can receive 5 additional votes for submitting a list of the fundraising activities of the chapter since the last state convention. There is no minimum requirement. As long as your chapter can list one activity, the form is in order. 
Likewise, since the formal chartering began at last year’s convention, chapters will only be eligible for five of the ten additional votes associated withchartering at previous conventions. 
Additionally, since according to the Charter, the election of officers and the listing of them in the chartering packet is both required and optional (I’m not sure why that is), any chapter submitting that list will have an additional 5 votes added to their “Membership Votes” allocated in section 303(a) of the KYD Charter.


This may sound rather complicated, but once you go through the packet, you will see that it is a pretty simple process. I am more than happy to assist any of you with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to send me an email - make sure to put CHARTER in the subject box so it will catch my attention. Likewise, feel free to give me a call at 859.536.4532. If I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

ALSO - I have scheduled a conference call for chapters on January 7 at 8:00PM Eastern/7:00 PM Central to go over this process, make any announcements that pertain to the chartering process and answer any questions. Here is the access information for this conference call:

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1100 Access Code: 1039010

Once the charter application deadline has arrived you will hear from the Convention Credentials Committee Chair who will assess initial penalties, request corrections and voting delegates list, handle concerns over vote allocation, etc. Once the convention convenes, the Convention Credentials Committee will be the body for the final approval of charters, appeals, etc. Each chartering chapter will have a voting representative on the Credentials Committee. So please plan accordingly.

I hope this clarifies the process for you.

We look forward to receiving your chartering packets and having another wonderful KYD State Convention!

Chapter Charter Packet can be found here

Mileage Ratio document can be found here

Clint Morris
Chair, Standing Committee on Rules & Charter