A Female Perspective on the Upcoming Election

Kentucky Young Democrats will be posting blog posts from members, to showcase their ideas and passion. Posting does not imply endorsement of ideas presented, but rather should emphasize that the Democratic Party is a big tent party and that new ideas are always welcome.

I have seen a resurgence of female reproductive issues come back to light during this election. Not surprisingly, many still want to contest the morality of Roe v. Wade and birth control (I see the first as a mere deflection to the real issues), but more relevant are the issues surrounding Obamacare. Women can now enjoy several free preventative health care services such as pap smears that test for HPV and access to contraceptives. Unfortunately, the policies of Romney and Ryan seem to target such low-income programs like Planned Parenthood. Both male and female voters should promote the control of reproductive choices solely to the women in our lives and support such policies as Obamacare that make this access affordable to women regardless of income.

What we must remember is this: Do we want to vote for a party that so obviously ignores the female citizens it should be representing? Will we send Ryan to the White House along with Romney when he agrees on so many key women’s issues with constituents such as Akin? I think we, as women should be paying close attention to where our issues fall and in whose hands we want these vital programs.

As an ending note – female issues were the one important question not in last nights debate, that I hope we see in the future! {Please see the attached article for more specifics}



--Leann Lacy is a Madison County Young Democrat and student at Eastern Kentucky University