Blog Post: Nolan Calhoun on Education


Kentucky Young Democrats will begin posting blog posts from members, to showcase their ideas and passion. Posting does not imply endorsement of ideas presented, but rather should emphasize that the Democratic Party is a big tent party and that new ideas are always welcome.

As a freshman in high school, I have had some time to be exposed to our nation and state's education system.  In the past few years, I have witnessed educators and students alike bear the brunt of ruthless and unreasonable laws and decisions aimed toward our classrooms.
You may recall the fight over education in Wisconsin over the last two years.  Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, proposed a controversial budget geared towards eliminating teachers' rights and throwing education under the bus.  Students, educators, and citizens united to take back what was right.  Sadly, it wasn't enough.
However, labor unions and voters in Ohio successfully vetoed Senate Bill 5 61-39%, which would be detrimental to that state's educational organization.  The Republican Party, in simply seems to hate education.
Instead of realizing that America's youth are the true economic investment for this great country, they ignorantly parade around, selfishly focused on retrieving the most money for themselves.  They have repeatedly, bill after bill, state after state, tried to dismantle public education.  From killing teachers' unions to supporting standards-based education, Republicans will stop at nothing.
The Republican presidential team this year consists of Mitt Romney, who believes kids should "borrow money from their parents" to go to college.  Is there an answer to this mass chaos? Why, YES!!!  For years, the Democratic Party has believed that education is vital.  They are the ones who SUPPORT us, the students.  The Democrats support my mom, President of the Grant County Education Association, and support me, a student wanting a decent education.
The Republican war on public education must end.  If you believe in the American dream, believe that education is a principle necessary to every child, then how could you support the Radical Republican Agenda to kill education?  How?
Nolan Calhoun is a freshman at Grant County High School in Dry Ridge, Kentucky and a member of the National Junior Honor Society.  Nolan has been a Democrat-since-birth and is proud to be a part of Young
Democrats of Grant County High School and Kentucky Young Democrats.