Convention community service event

We will be having a competition between chapters to bring in items, worth various points, to assist a local center for abused women, the Caring Place. The chapter with the highest amount of points wins!

The Caring Place is a center that serves Marion County and many of the surrounding counties. They are always in need of supplies and money. Women and children come to the center are protected through anonymity to get away from the abuse. They may stay there a while or short time to get away from the abuser.

If you would like to participate in the community service challenge, you can bring the following items. Each item is worth the number of points indicated:


Area/Throw Rugs Bedspreads (double)
Bedspreads (single)
Car Seats
Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Twin Stroller
Vacuum Cleaner


Alarm Clock
CD Player
Full Bed Sets (sheets)
Plastic Storage Containers (all sizes)
Twin Bed Sets (sheets)
Crib Sheets
Toddler Pull-Ups (one package/box)
Disposable Diapers (one package/box)


Bath Towels (2 count)
Cookie Sheets (1 count package)
Ladies Underwear/Panties (adult) (5 pack)
Laundry Baskets any size
Night Gowns
Trash Cans any size


Baby Wipes (1 package/box)
Bras (5)
Cookware (any piece)
Hand Wipes (1 package/box)
Mixing Bowls
Pots and Pans
Sweatsuits (all sizes)
Tableclothes (60Ă—90)


Anti-Perspirant (1 can/bottle)
Batteries (6-12 pack)
Can Openers (1)
Canned Goods (5 cans)
Combs (1)
Deodorant (1 can/bottle)
Fabric Softner Sheets (1 box)
Garbage Bags (any size/1 box)
Girls/Boys Underwear (all sizes) (5 pack)
Hair Brushes Hand Lotion (1 bottle)
Household Kitchen Utensils (1)
Infant Socks (5 pair)
Kleenex (1 box)
Laundry Soap (any size/1)
Mouthwash (packets) (1 bottle/package)
Paper Towels (1 roll)
Pillows (1)
Shampoo (1 bottle)
Socks (adult/children) (5 pair)
Toothbrushes  (1)
Toothpaste (travel/small)
Travel Size Tissues (1)
Wash Clothes (6 count)