Two KYDs recieve first round Presidential Appointments to YDA

We are proud to announce that two KYDs have been selected in the extremely competitive first round YDA Presidential Appointments!  Congratulations to Jessica Martin -Deputy Chief of Staff for Internal Affairs and Colene Elridge -Diversity & Outreach Director:

Memo from Rod Snyder, YDA President:

I am pleased to formally announce the first round of Presidential Appointments for the 2011-2013 term.

The board would like to thank everyone who took the time to be a part of this process. We were excited to receive a record number of applications last month — nearly 100 total submissions.  I am also pleased to announce that those who were not selected for Director positions will be considered in the next round of appointments to complete the leadership teams of our committees.

Finally, thanks to everyone for your patience as we took the time to thoroughly review applicants and carefully consider these appointments. There are few decisions we will make in the next two years that are more important than selecting who will oversee these important committee functions. We have a great deal of work to do to strengthen YDA and to win elections in 2012. I am confident that with the help of this new leadership team, we are on the right track to success.

Administrative Appointments:

Chief of Staff – Heather Brown (NV)
Deputy Chief of Staff for External Affairs – Sarah Holstine (MD)
Deputy Chief of Staff for Internal Affairs – Jessica Martin (KY)
Senior Advisor – Adam Neary (NJ)
General Counsel – Michael Gilberg (NY)
Parliamentarian – Jamie Epstein (KS)
Trainings Director – John Gorczynski (TX)
Press Secretary – Amanda Narod (OH)
Alumni Relations Director – Mark  Newman (NC)

Committee & Director Appointments:

Judicial Council Chair – Nicole Williams (MD)
Credentials Chair – Matt Fruth (IL)
Resolutions Chair – Montica Talmadge (NC)
Rules Chair – Amanda Nelson (WA)
Advocacy Director – Richard Fowler (VA)
Budget Director – Matt Baratz (FL)
Campaign Director – Marshall Spevak (NJ)
Communications Director – Nick DeCenzo (OH)
Community Service Director – Jessica DeLoach (AR)
Convention & Meetings Director – Kelly Drake (WA)
Diversity & Outreach Director – Colene Elridge (KY)
Finance Director – Jen McPherson (WV)
Membership Director – Jake Weissman (MD)