Kentucky Young Democrats named 2011 YDA Southeast Region State Chapter of the Year

Justification for nomination:

This state chapter has nearly doubled its membership over the last 3 years and made their presence known on the national stage, as well.  At the Chicago Convention, this increasingly red state had the 4th largest delegation.  They also managed to elect a slate of statewide Democrats in 2007 and are poised to defend these gains in this year’s state elections.

 On the national level, this state has produced the YDA Executive VP, the Vice Chair of the YDA Rural Caucus, the Treasurer of the Women’s Caucus, and Vice Chair of the Minority Caucus.  This does not include the stellar team on the ground that is focused on making the 2011 Convention in Louisville this July the most successful in years.  It also happens to be the state of your outgoing Region Director’s birth (that would be me).

This state chapter has leaders throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky serving hundreds of volunteer hours, fighting for every special election, and successfully helping keep the 6th District, based in Lexington, in Democrat Ben Chandler’s hands.  They also fought valiantly against the Rand Paul juggernaut, and they thwart the evil tentacles of Senator Mitch McConnell whenever possible.   Every state has its seminal political event of the season where any politician who seriously wants to be considered for statewide office must appear.  In Kentucky, that event is Fancy Farm, a political picnic in western Kentucky known for its political antics, and where the Kentucky Young Democrats not only organized its largest showing ever but puts its indelible stamp on the event.

 At almost every single state-wide event, candidates make a point to attend KYD events.  Recently, when at a YDA 2011 Planning meeting, KYD members were recognized in the hotel hallway by local elected officials there for another meeting.  No matter where KYD members are personally or professionally, they have had a profound impact on the politics in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

 For these reasons, the Kentucky Young Democrats are awarded the Southeast Region State Chapter of the Year.