KYD 2014 Convention updates

I'm so excited we are holding the 2014 KYD Convention in my hometown of Covington, KY. Covington has so much to offer our group: a wonderful hotel, great restaurants and nightlife and so many supportive Democrats. We are going to have a great convention and I hope you and your chapter will join us!

We have so much information to share, so please read below if you plan to join us or charter your KYD chapter in 2014:

2014 KYD Awards

If you are interested in nominating an individual for YD of the Year or KYD Alumni of the Year, or a chapter for Chapter of the Year, College Chapter of the Year, or High School Chapter of the Year, please send your nomination to KYD National Committeewoman, Lauren Ingram

Please include your full name, the full name of the chapter individual, contact information, and reasons you think the person or group is deserving of the award. Submissions are due by January 10, 2014.

Information for Chapter Leaders for 2014 KYD Convention

Charter Applications:  Please remember that your chapter charter application is due to the Credentials Committee byJanuary 2, 2014.  Submit your charter applications online here.  For more information, contact Convention Credentials Committee Chair, Colene Elridge, at

2014 Officer Form for KYD

Are you interested in running for office at the 2014 KYD Convention in Covington on February 1-2? Click here for the form that must be filled out and returned to by January 2, 2014. 

KYD Convention 2014