KYD Retreat 2010

Kentucky Young Democrats

Weekend Retreat

Jenny Wiley State Park

Good News for Kentucky Coal Miners

Health-Care Reform Brings Important Amendments to the Black Lung Benefits Act

Students for Jack Conway

Below is a message from Alexander Thomson, organizer of the Facebook group, Students for Jack Conway.

KYD Alumni Meetup in Lexington

Please join...

Representative Susan Westrom  *  Dale Emmons  *  Branden Gross

Nick Nicholson  *  Terry McBrayer  *  Joe Graviss

Representative Kelly Flood  *  Walker Mattox  *  Brenda McClanahan  

Kentucky Equality Federation  *  David O'Neill  *  Jeremy Horton

Matt Vanderpool for State House  *  United We Stand

for an event to network with Kentucky Young Democrats Alumni and support the Kentucky Young Democrats in their efforts to raise youth voter turnout and community involvement!

Rand Paul: Wrong for Kentucky

Less than 72 hours ago, Kentucky chose Attorney General Jack Conway as our U.S. Senate candidate.  I am so glad we had a strong field to choose from, and I am sure we are stronger for it.  Conway is a smart and dedicated man, who will continue to fight for Kentucky families after he wins in November.

And less than 48 hours ago, Republican nominee Rand Paul announced his opposition to legislation helping those who most need it.  What Rand Paul doesn't understand is that Kentucky doesn't tolerate intolerance.