Social Justice Advocates Take Action, Monday, July 26th

Dear Friends,

We have all worked together on many different campaigns over the past couple of years, but keeping Rand Paul out of the U.S. Senate and electing Jack Conway may be the most important one to date.

Democratic Health Care Reform Act, Changing Lives

Fourth of July Weekend in 2008 did not start out like I planned it to.  My Independence Day would usually entail the normal events of celebrating the birth of our nation and my grandmother, who was born on the 5th, by gathering with my family and friends in Johnson County, eating fried chicken, playing bluegrass music, and shoot

Patient's Bill of Rights

Jim Higdon, editor of the blog the Marion County Line, posted this article about Rand Paul and his plot to destroy the recently created Patient's Bill of Rights. Although Higdon is a registered independent and not a Democrat, we think this article brings to light some important facts about our rights and Rand Paul's destructive ideology.

Best Picnic of the Year... Fancy Farm 2010!

August is the beginning of the political season in Kentucky, and no election season could begin without a visit to Fancy Farm in Graves County. On the first Friday and Saturday of August, good Democrats from around the state swarm to Fancy Farm to eat barbecue, support the local Democratic clubs and rally for our statewide Democratic candidates.

The Young Democrats always make a lasting impression, and why should this year be any different?

Conway and Rand Are Neck and Neck in US Senate Race

In the long haul to November, Jack Conway and Rand Paul are neck and neck, as revealed by the recent Public Policy Polling results. The PPP revealed that Conway and Rand are both tied at 43%.