New Conway Ad: Paul is Soft on Crime

Check out Jack Conway's newest ad, explaining how his opponent "just doesn't get it":

Ezra Klein: Why Elections Matter

Today, the Washington Post's Ezra Klein, using a graph created by Larry Bartel, pointed out that elections are important because they really do affect people's lives. This chart he published showed how wealth grew under administrations - and Democrats should be happy to know that not only are income growth rates higher for everyone with blue Presidents, but they are MUCH higher for those in the lower income brackets. Democratic policies work most for those who need them most!

It's a horse race!

First, the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza pointed to a poll showing the Attorney General Jack Conway behind by just 3 points in the US Senate Race:

Then - even better news. CNN announced that the race is tied!

Kentucky Media Catches On: Conway Competition is "Clueless" and "Ignorant"

The pundits and media in Kentucky are catching on - the Aqua Buddha-worshipping candidate for Kentucky's U.S. Senate candidate has shown his true colors.  Al Cross, in the Courier-Journal, writes that while a Senator, especially in a state like Kentucky, needs to stand up for his or her constituency, but regarding Rand Paul, "At times he seems ignorant of those interests."


A post by KYD Vice President Travis Scott from Leander, KY