Rand Paul: Bad for Fair Education

The American education system is one of the great equalizers - every child in America can attain a high school education and go on to college if they want to.  Rand Paul doesn't seem to think this is a good idea.

Good news 42 days out!

A couple days ago, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post wrote about how Democratic organizations have pulled in much more money in the past quarter than their Republican counterparts.  The DNC raised $10.9 million while the RNC raised $7.9 million and the DCCC raised $8.3 million while the RNCC raised only $6.6 million.

Jack Conway: "Yes! Elizabeth Warren!"

Jack just added a diary on DailyKos - "to congratulate Elizabeth Warren on her appointment to help build the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau."

Check it out here:!-Elizabeth-Warren

APNewsBreak: Sheriffs deny Paul claim of support

By Bruce Schreiner, Associated Press Writer
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Two rural Kentucky sheriffs say Rand Paul's campaign has wrongly claimed they are supporting the Republican for U.S. Senate.

The sheriffs Kevin Johnson of Clay County and Gus Skinner of McCreary County are both Republicans from southeastern Kentucky. They told The Associated Press that they haven't endorsed anyone although a Paul campaign press release issued this week says they are among 10 current or incoming sheriffs declaring public support for the tea party favorite.

New Conway Ad: Paul is Soft on Crime

Check out Jack Conway's newest ad, explaining how his opponent "just doesn't get it":