How to Vote Early... It's so easy!

As students, young professionals, workers of multiple jobs, starters of businesses and families, no group can benefit more from early voting than a young person!

There are two options for voting early in Kentucky.


- The first option is to vote early at the County Clerk's office in the county in which you are registered.  How this works:

1)  Walk into your County Clerk's office (they are even OPEN on Saturdays)

Momentum Shift

Good afternoon,

This is it.  All signs point to a panic in the GOP camp as we Democrats move with resolve toward Election Day.  The momentum has shifted.  Despite an unprecedented onslaught of fact-free attack ads funded by the likes of Karl Rove’s unlimited billionaire donors, Jack Conway and the rest of the Democratic slate continue to climb and pull away in the polls.

KYD Action Alert: Register to vote NOW

Who do you know that is not registered to vote?  A senior in high school, a college student, or someone who hasn't been, to this point, a responsible participant in the democratic process?  You?

To register now, visit Rock the Vote ( and click on the red "Register to Vote" link at the top right corner.

Health Care Reform, An Historic Anniversary

Letter sent to the Young Democrats of America by Executive Vice-President, and Kentuckian, Colmon Elridge (to visit the YDA website:

Today marks the six month anniversary of the passage of health care reform. Several provisions of the new law go into effect today. Because of the leadership of President Obama and Democrats in Congress, today there are tremendous improvements in the health care system in the U.S.  For millions of Americans, it's literally a new lease on life.

Starting today:

Herald-Leader: Rand Paul Flunks Realty 101

His Education Ideas Would Hurt Kentucky
Editorial, September 22, 2010

Rand Paul speaks often about the need to keep more of Kentucky's tax dollars in the state instead of sending them to Washington, D.C.

In concept, it sounds good. But as is often the case with the Republican U.S. Senate candidate, when his broad concepts meet reality, they are exposed as the spiel of a snake oil salesman.