$60,000 a day

Surely State Senator Williams must be in dire financial straits - he's done all he can to make sure there is was a special overtime session. For the fourth time since he’s become Senate President, he has failed to do his job, and has forced the General Assembly to go into a $60,000 per day special session. 

$60,000 a day.  Your tax dollars.

Fired Up - KYD Convention 2011

Kentucky Young Dems,

Kentucky Young Democrats 2011 Convention

Join us March 25-26 in Henderson for the Kentucky Young Democrats State Convention! Register here:

To reserve a room at the Ramada, call (270) 826-6600 and mention the convention. The block of rooms is only available until March 10!

Early registration cost is just $25, until March 10, and then $30 after. Registration goes up to $35 for day of and on-site sign-ups. These costs include the $10 KYD yearly membership dues.

Herald-Leader Op-Ed: Keep youngsters in school until 18; Ky. pays dearly for dropouts

Education Commissioner Terry Holliday told the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee Tuesday the issue isn't whether Kentucky can afford to raise the school dropout age from 16 to 18, but rather that the state can't afford not to raise it.

The statistics support his argument.

About 6,000 young Kentuckians drop out of school every year. Each can expect to earn about $7,000 less per year than a former classmate who goes on to get a high school diploma. (Some estimates put the figure as high as $10,000 a year.)

State of the...KYD

Tonight at 9 p.m., President Obama will deliver his third State of the Union Address.  The President will talk about our shared past, our common future, and where we currently stand as a nation.  As the GOP and the Tea Party are divided over two seperate responses to the President's address, we Democrats will stand united.