Kentucky Young Democrats named 2011 YDA Southeast Region State Chapter of the Year

Justification for nomination:

This state chapter has nearly doubled its membership over the last 3 years and made their presence known on the national stage, as well.  At the Chicago Convention, this increasingly red state had the 4th largest delegation.  They also managed to elect a slate of statewide Democrats in 2007 and are poised to defend these gains in this year’s state elections.

Lexington Herald-Leader: Richie Farmer charged state for $359-a-night room during Sweet Sixteen

FRANKFORT — State Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer spent $1,576 in state money last month while promoting the Department of Agriculture's Kentucky Proud program at the Sweet Sixteen boys' basketball tournament in Lexington.

Much of that cost was for four nights at a $359-a-night suite at the Lexington Downtown Hilton. Farmer lives 28 miles from Rupp Arena in Frankfort.

Volunteer at YDA 2011

Dear fellow Democrats,

As I am sure you ALL know, we, as a wonderful Commonwealth, have been selected to host the National YDA Convention in 2011. It's an honor, as well as a privilege, and I can't wait to turn on our lights and shine for the YDs of America! I have no doubt in my mind that we will leave a lasting, warm, wonderful impression on everyone who attends.

Courier-Journal: Gov. Beshear with a huge lead in polling

"...the poll also found that Democratic  Gov. Steve Beshear would defeat Williams  by 12 percentage points if the general  election were held today."

Read more at the Courier-Journal:

Lexington Herald-Leader: Famer's clueless call on furloughs

For many state workers, including those who are University of Kentucky alumni and fans, "Unfurloughable" may have replaced "Unforgettable" as the term immediately springing to mind when former Wildcats basketball star Richie Farmer's name comes up.

And with good reason.