Kathy Groob: Women don’t get elected

Kathy Groob, who runs, recently outlined reasons why women aren't in elected office as much as men --- and further explains why programs like Emerge KY are important. To donate to the KYD Emerge fund, click here.

To reach Kathy's full article on, click here.

Action Needed Now: Save Senator Kathy Stein!

KYD Brothers and Sisters,

Let's get more women elected

Young Democrats,

Did you know that in 2009, Kentucky ranked 49th in the United States for women in elected office?  Only one state in the union had a smaller percentage of elected officials, and for that reason, I proud to let you know that the Kentucky Young Democrats have decided to work on increasing that percentage.

Kentucky Young@Heart Democrats

Young Democrats,

The Kentucky Young Democrats are working hard to develop a new generation of Democrats in our Commonwealth. Our successes can help to ensure Democratic victories and prominence in years to come!

For this reason, I am proud to present the Kentucky Young@Heart Democrats program so Democrats of all ages can support the Kentucky Young Democrats! Please consider enrolling in this program to give $10 monthly to the Kentucky Young Democrats.

Northern KY KDP Strategy Meeting

Dear Fellow Democrat,

With the New Year upon us, I hope you're as excited as I am to make 2012 as successful as 2011 was for Kentucky Democrats. Coming off our huge victories last year, the Kentucky Democratic Party is gearing up to continue to run competitively in every corner of the Commonwealth.