County & Regional Chapters

Big Sandy: Travis Scott - Email
Clark County: Matthew Terry - Email | Facebook
Daviess County: Luke Alexander - Email | Facebook 
Fayette County: Andrea Ewen - Email | Website
Henderson County: Herbie McKee - Email | Facebook
Larue-Hardin-Meade Counties: Michael Wilson - Email | Facebook
Louisville-Jefferson County: Lauren Ingram - Email | Facebook
Madison County: Ray Arnold - Email
Marion County: Amy Bland - Email | Facebook
Mason County: Chris Davis -  Email
Menifee County: Alan Peck - Email | Facebook
Northern Kentucky (Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties): Josh Estep - Email | Facebook | Website 
Powell County: Wyatt Denniston - Email
Pulaski County: Halyn Roth - Email | Facebook
Shelby County: Austin Redmon - Email | Facebook
Warren County: Joseph Lyon - Email
Wolfe County: Brendon Rose - Email | Facebook
Woodford County: Liles Taylor - Email

College Chapters

Bellarmine University  
Berea College
Centre College: David Miller  
Eastern Kentucky University: Tyler Stone
Georgetown College - Facebook
Kentucky Wesleyan College: Hannah Ison - Email
Morehead State University: Mark Rose - Email | Facebook
Northern Kentucky University: Chaz Edwards - Email
Transylvania University - Facebook
University of Kentucky: Grace Wise - Facebook
University of Louisville: Nikki Turner - Email | Facebook
Western Kentucky University - Facebook

High School Chapters

Fayette County
Lexington High School Young Democrats - Email | Facebook
Bryan Station High School: Lauren Huser - Facebook
Henry Clay High School: Ben Swanson - Facebook
Lafayette High School: Alice Mathews
P. L. Dunbar High School
Tates Creek High School - Facebook
Jefferson County
duPont Manual High School - Facebook

Coming Soon

The following chapters are in the process of recruiting, chartering, or finalizing their paperwork. Please contact their leadership if you are interested in joining one of these new chapters.

Boyle County: Jordan Shewmaker - Email
Grant County High School: Nolan Calhoun - Email | Facebook
Jessamine County: Peter Brackney - Email & Jacqueline Coleman - Email
Nelson County: Audrey Haydon - Email
Magoffin County: Jeremy Swiney - Email
Mason County (*recently chartered): Chris Davis - Email
Muhlenberg County: Crystal Chappell - Email | Facebook
Perry County: Stella Pollard - Email
Scott County: Brian Perkins - Email | Facebook